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Help us to spread the word about the movement #NoMoreHoodwinkedMoms !

Below are some images to post on social media and content to grab for Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for helping us to encourage moms to stop believing the lies and start living the truth!


Moms! Have you been hoodwinked? Tricked into believing some untruths about motherhood? Things like “I can do it all, all at once” “The way I mother is the right and only way.” and the ever guilt-inducing “My child’s bad choice means I’m a bad mom”?

These lies mess with our mothering in the most awful ways and prevent us from forging friendships with those who mother differently. It is time to join the movement #NoMoreHoodwinkedMoms ! Check out the website, free resources , and book by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk: Hoodwinked: Ten Myths Moms Believe and Why We All Need to Knock It Off.


Do not tether your identity to the choices of your child—whether stellar or stupid. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

Rules may change behavior, but not the heart. Our children need our love, not just our law. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

Don’t just talk to your kids about God, spend even more time talking to God about your kids! #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

If we want our children to be disciples of Jesus, then we must be. You pass on what you possess. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

With moms who mother differently than you, build bridges—don’t erect fences. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

Sometimes we are moms who do too much because we have children who do too little. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms

Mothering isn’t a recipe-it’s a relationship. Run to God when you fail & when you get it right. #nomorehoodwinkedmoms


Do you ever feel like what you are doing as a mom goes unnoticed and thus feels unnecessary? So many of us have bought into that lie, but the truth is God notices our faithfulness to Him whether others see it or not. Let's replace the lies of motherhood with the truth of God's word! Grab a copy of Hoodwinked and join the movement of #nomorehoodwinkedmoms! hoodwinked10- hoodwinked9_ hoodwinked8_ hoodwinked7- hoodwinked6- (1) hoodwinked5- hoodwinked4- Testing4 hoodwinked13- hoodwinked12- hoodwinked11-